About Us

About BCL Services

BCL Services Ltd. is a transport company that has been operating on the market since 1997. Positive experience in long-term has made us a reliable partner to our clients in transportation sector.

Our company offers cargo transportation by road and carries out truck repair and service. Truck mechanics of the company are carrying out regular truck maintenance and repair, thereby reducing the risk of trucks being broken on the road as well as ensuring the quality of deliveries. Mostly we carry full loads and hazardous goods using 90m3 curtain-sided trailers and around 90 Volvo tractors. Our specialization is export, import, international transportation, domestic and transit cargo transportation in the following directions:


Our team includes around 120 employees: drivers, truck mechanics and office employees. Our top priority is to provide high quality service. Employees of BCL Services have relevant qualification, abilities and skills that are managed and used to ensure the smooth functioning of the company. Since we are a medium-sized company our employees have the advantage of unity and successful collaboration.

We consider new cooperation opportunities and always are interested in meeting our client needs.